Autism Classroom ReDesign

Providence, RI
A Collaborative Project

This design was the winning design in the RISD Interior Architecture department 
Charette (a 3 day competition) in October 2015. As the winning design, it was completed and 
installed (by a different team) in January 2016. 

The assignment: Redesign of a self-contained dedicated Autism classroom serving 2nd and 3rd grade 
students at Anthony Carnevale Elementary School in Providence, RI. 

Autism is a condition that is extremely responsive to sensory clues, and design interventions are wonderful ways to support student learning, student engagement, personal development and group dynamics. 
The purpose of this charette is to transform a traditional classroom into a joyous and safe space where learning and positive progress can occur for students with autism.
Concept Model
Left: Initial Design Team - Fall 2015                    Right: Installation Team - Winter 2016

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